Oct 2, 2007
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"I Flew In The Air While Playing Nintendo Wii Game"

Arm Flap Flap

BREAKING SHOCK: is receiving emails from a number of our readers claiming that they have actually flown in the air while playing the Nintendo Wii game 'Daft Duck Cluck'.

During the game, players have to flap their arms like a duck in order for the cartoon duck on the screen to take off, but a number of our readers have claimed that their own feet actually lifted off the ground while they flapped their arms.

John Barry, Dublin, Massachusetts, wrote:

"I was flapping my arms vigorously and imagine my surprise when, all of a sudden, I felt a weightless sensation.

I stopped flapping my arms immediately and felt my feet landing back on the ground."

Jenny Akunumbe, Madrid, California, wrote in a similar vein:

"Duck Cluck had to fly from the top of a barn onto a moving bus. It took me a little while to actually flap my arms enough to get Cluck up off the ground, and then half way from the barn to the bus, as I flapped my arms, I felt a feeling of weightlessness. Initially I thought - 'hold on this is my old heart condition playing up again', but I kept going and luckily I didn't have an attack. Missed the bus by a mile though, sucks."

Professor Mit, of the University, told our reporter:

"In extreme conditions it is perfectly possible for a person to flap their arms enough to leave the ground for a fraction of a second, maybe longer.

The revolutionary Wii handheld controllers have introduced actual body movements in humans last seen in prehistoric times. What we could be seeing here is the start of a new direction in human evolution. Human powered flight could be just a few thousand years in the future thanks to those clever marketing guys at Nintendo."

Doctors have advised Wii console owners to lay cushions or bean bags around when playing the Daft Duck Cluck to break any falls.


In other news: Microsoft have revealed that in its first week of game play over 54 million people have been killed in Halo 3 online, none of them were Americans.


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