Oct 29, 2007
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'Lucky Duke' Named As 'Royal' At Center Of Sex Tape And Drugs Blackmail...

Duke Out
The name of the British Royal Family member at the center of blackmail claims has been revealed accidentally by a slip of the tongue by a court clerk at the Old Bailey, London, this morning.

Luckily was there to hear it.

Unless our ears are very much mistaken, the Royal can now be revealed as the

Duke de Luchlie-van-Horace Moose-Horsey Charles Elizabeth Bernie McDonald Martini Bianco IX.

Royal experts have told this website that this could be a pseudonym.

Known affectionately as the 'Lucky Duke' amongst the debauched circles he frequents, he is well known as a hell raiser and drug taker amongst the courtiers and junior drug taking members of the Royal Family.

A spokesman told this website on grounds that he thought we had agreed to his anonymity:

"The 'Lucky Duke' was named so because, even though he has had a debauched sex and drug filled life for many years, he had never been caught."

Palace nicknaming specialists who coined phrases including 'Fergie', and 'Randy Andy', told this web site:

"The Lucky Duke's luck may have just run out."


The case is to come to trial on 20th December when everyone in the country is pissed at a Christmas Party.


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