Oct 22, 2007
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Malibu: Fire Department Fears Liquor Explosion At Mel Gibson's House

Fire Update

The fire department currently battling the glamorous star fires of Malibu have warned locals to take cover if Mel Gibson's liquor supply catches fire.

An expert binge drinker told this website:

"Liquor is highly flammable and will explode if introduced to fire. The strength of the explosion will depend on the amount of liquor at the site."

Mel GibsonIt is not known how much liquor Gibson has at his fire-threatened Malibu home, but Gibson watchers fear it has the potential to be one of the largest non-terror based explosions in US history.

The fire department have established a 50 mile explosion zone with the epicenter at Mel Gibson's residence.

If you are in this explosion zone this is what you should do:

Take cover in an inside room as far away from windows as you can.

Take bottles of water with you and expect a long wait, you may decide this is a good time to watch both Apocalypto and The Passion Of The Christ.

Wait further instruction from the fire authorities.


Did you know:

Beer does not explode, and in theory could be used to put out the fires currently raging in Malibu.

Our spell checker always asks us if we meant to write Gibbon when we type Gibson, silly thing.

Mel Gibson once called a real police officer 'Sugar Tits' after being stopped for drink driving.


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