Oct 23, 2007
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UN Calls For Disconnection Of All 'Self Destruct Buttons' In Nuclear Plants

Self Destruct Debate

The United Nation is expected to call for a ban on all Do Not Press This Button (Self Destruct) red buttons from all high security buildings by 2025.

The World Society of Engineers has campaigned since 1965 for the end to these buttons.

Nuclear power plants, nuclear bomb facilities and TNT storage plants will have to disconnect all Do Not Press This Button (Self Destruct) buttons from all facilities by 2025, and from public areas by 2010 under the new plans.

A spokesman:

"A terrorist could easily pose as an interested tourist to gain access to the public areas of a nuclear power plant and press the self destruct button. That would be a catastrophe."

A bewildered bystander:

"Haven't they thought about this before?"

Self destruct buttons with the words Do Not Press This Button (Self Destruct) became popular in the 1960's with television programs like Mission Impossible, but nobody ever pressed them.

Today, with teenagers looking for trouble round every corner, it's only a matter of time before someone presses the button, say teen psychologists.

Advice to citizens who see a Do Not Press This Button (Self Destruct) are the following:

1) Do not press the button.

2) If you press the button call the emergency phone next to the Do Not Press This Button (Self Destruct) button - It has been law since 1996 to put an emergency phone next to all Do Not Press This Button (Self Destruct) button in the event that they are pressed.


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