Oct 29, 2007
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Public Warning: Dick Cheney On Hunting Trip In New York, Today

Hunt Chump

Dick is taking the unusual step of warning the public that Dick Cheney is to go on a hunting trip in New York, later today.

The hunting trip is in the Hudson Valley area of New York.

The public are advised to be on the lookout for an angry looking bald gray-haired man with up to ten secret service agents taking cover for safety at any time.

Cheney once injured a fellow hunter, Harry Whittington, when he shot him in the face during a similar hunt.*

It is not expected that Hillary Clinton, senator for New York and leading prospective Democrat Presidential candidate, will be in the area at the time, although, after calling a few numbers, we have been unable to rule this out.

The public have been told to not approach the Vice President and under no circumstances make the sound of a quail whilst in his ear shot.

Conspiracy theorists point out that it is possible that Cheney could shoot Hillary Clinton and then get a pardon from the president. has been unable to rule out the possibility that Cheney will make an attempt on Clinton's life, or if the Hudson Valley story is just a media cover story and that Cheney will be actively searching for Clinton door-to-door elsewhere in a guerilla type mission.

If confirmed, news that Cheney is out hunting for Hillary Clinton comes only weeks after allegations surfaced, from Cheney's wife, that Dick Cheney is related to another leading Democratic candidate, Barak Obama. This revelation was widely seen at the time as an attempt to undermine Obama's credibility.

It is believed that these two events now show the extent to which the Republican Party are willing to go to either discredit or do away completely with two of the Democratic Party''s strongest candidates.

An expert in presidential election dirty tricks told this web site that this is just the opening volley in what could turn out to be the most vicious presidential election campaign since the Republican Party led its dirty tricks campaign revealed in Watergate.


* Dick Cheney said, in February 2006, that the day he shot and injured his friend Harry Whittington was "the worst day in my life", confirming that it wasn't the day he realized that the US led invasion of Iraq was a complete disaster.


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