Sept 19, 2007
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The OJ Tapes - How The Europeans Are Reporting It

Foreign Fiasco

In these days of internet translation tools only just a click away, Europeans can now listen in to what the English speaking world are up to and follow in real time what we are all doing.

But how accurate are these internet translation tools?

Our investigative reporters took a line from the OJ tape which allegedly says:

"You think you can steal my shit?"

and looked to see what it read like in foreign languages when translated back to good old English.

This is what we found (actual translations):


English to Greek to French to Spanish to French to Dutch to English:

"Are possible do they think what they shit my flies?"


English to Dutch to French to English:

"You think yourselves my shit can fly?"


English to Portuguese back to English

"You think that you can steal my excrement?"


English to Greek, to French, to Spanish to English

"They think what can fly shit my? "


English to Italian to English:

"Thoughts that you can steal mine merda?"


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