Sept 2, 2007
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EXCLUSIVE Image Of George Bush Made Out Of Porn Cuttings - We Speak To The Models

Bush Bate

Artist Jonathen Yeo has just finished a picture of George Bush constructed entirely out of cuttings from porn magazines.

George Bush - Porn picture The image (left and right), has been criticized by Republicans as 'looking nothing like Bush', 'a disgusting waste of perfectly good porn', and 'horrible'. George Bush - Porn picture has managed to track down some of the models whose images were cut up and pasted into this image of George W Bush.

Today, here for the first time anywhere on the internet, they talk for the very first time.

Jenny 'Boobitits' Le Grande "I am the vagina above Bush's left eye. I was absolutely delighted to see my vagina put there. Jonathen Yeo is a fantastic artist. I simply would love to see his scrap book. I have a feeling it would be very very naughty!"

Harry 'LongJohn' John "My penis is used on the nose and in Bush's right ear. At first I was skeptical, but I have certainly been won over. Yeo is a marvelous artist, and the Republicans who criticize it haven't had a good close look."

Mae Muchly "My ass is the president's chin. Immortalized at last in high art! Uhm. Errr. Success? I am soooo excited!!!"

Jane Justly "My left buttock is in the middle-right of the president's forehead, and also just under his nose (to the left). At first I was a little shocked to see that you can actually make out it is my ass on the president's face. It's OK I suppose but I haven't been paid for this and I want my money."


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