Sept 25, 2007
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Celebrity Ironies - Sting Gets Stung By A Bee!

Sting vs Bee

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It was only a matter of time until Sting was stung.

And it happened last Wednesday while the fit as a fiddle fiftysomething was out tending his gorgeous lawns surrounding his LA mansion, according to our reporter in a helicopter who saw everything.

Sting was reaching for a top branch on one of his many English rose bushes when a bumble bee landed on the pop megastar's upper right arm.

The pacifist Police prince instinctively went to gently swipe at the bee with his left hand but the bee became agitated and slammed his stinger into Sting.

Our reporter takes up the story:

"Even though Sting is a musician he is such a man's man. He just laughed the bee-sting off, but you could tell by the look in his eyes that all he wanted to say was ouch!"

But Sting had gotten off lightly.

Had Sting been stung by thousands of killer bees from Latin America, everyone's favorite multi-platinum minstrel could have been stung into an unrecognizable bloated fat and oily ug-o, a bit like the Michelin man but with a hairy chest.

Luckily Sting got off with just a single bee sting on his arm which would have needed just a single dab with antiseptic, or at most two...

His much relieved fans were left to consider how bad it could have been:

One of Sting's millions of fans told our reporter:

"It was just a disaster waiting to happen. Calling himself Sting was just a hostage to fortune. He must have been on every terrorist bee's hit list in the world."

Betting web site HowWillThey immediately reduced the odds of Sting being stung to death from 5000-1 to 2-1.


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