Sept 27, 2007
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Celebrity Ironies - Tribe Name Their Spears 'Britney'!

Britney's Spears

Reproduced courtesy has discovered that a tribe in the Brazilian rain forest have named their spears 'Britney'.

The 'Naked Foragers of Northern Brazil' who until 1998 had never seen another human being, were so taken by Britney Spears' song 'Oops I Did It Again' when it was played for them, that they quickly learned the words, then the dance moves, built a statue, worshipped it and then wondered what more they could do to pay tribute to their goddess of dancy-pop.

A tribe spokesman told us:

"The village elders met and decided that the highest honor would be to name our shoes 'Britney'.

We passed on that.

Then we considered naming our hats 'Britney'.

We passed on that too.

But our third choice was to name our spears 'Britney'. That went through.

Now, each time we kill an animal with one of our spears we can say that Britney brought us luck."

We rang a telephone number we believed was for a spokesman for Britney Spears, but the person on the other end of the line was unable to speak to us when we called because she was completely drunk.


Update: The Naked Foragers tribe had a television installed to watch the MTV awards earlier this month and said they thought Britney's performance was 'brilliant'. A number of pregnant tribesmen have learned her dance which is proving a hit in the village nightclubs and massage parlors.


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