Aug 6, 2007
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Mall Security Officer Used 'Copyrighted' WWE Wrestling Move During Arrest

Slam Dork

Managers of the Happy Shopping Mall have apologized after one of their security officers was seen arresting a man using a copyrighted WWE wrestling move, yesterday.

The High Five To An Underarm Slam Dunk On His Face ©®™ was seen by millions of viewers when the arrest was shown on the television show "The World's Most Dangerous Mall Security Officer Arrests".

Officer Paddy Lithuenquo, who used the move, told this web site:

"I had no idea that the WWE had copyrighted this move. It's such a shame, I use it all the while. Hey, wait a minute, when did they copyright it? I have been using this move since 1987!"

Copyright lawyers who occasionally pop round to our office looking for cases, told this web site:

"If Officer Lithuenquo can prove he invented the move that the WWE now claim to have copyrighted, he has a very good case to sue the tight fitting Lycra pants off the Wrestling organization."

A construction worker who told this web site that he regularly uses a Spinning Backwards Flying Dismount Off The Top Rope ©®™ from low level building works 'to save time climbing down the ladder', claimed that he would fight the WWE in the courts were they to prevent him from continuing to do so.


Do you use WWE copyrighted wrestling moves in your day-to-day lives? If you do let us know, we will put the best ones up on the site...

"Dear I am gray haired aging librarian from Middlesex in England. Imagine my surprise when I had climbed up a ladder to put a library book back on the top shelf and a person ran into the ladder making me fall through the air and end on my rear in a heap! I was even more shocked to hear, the next week, from the lawyers from WWE claiming that I stole this move from one of their ladder matches!"

"Dear Sirs. I had a heart attack because of sustained steroid use at the age of 41 years of age. I certainly hope the WWE haven't copyrighted that move."

"I regularly use trash cans in my job, but imagine my surprise when I attempted to defend myself against a large vicious dog with the very same silver trash can they use in wrestling matches. I slammed the dustbin on the dog's head and, thankfully, it ran away. I congratulated myself for my quickthinkingness but only five days later I got a letter from the lawyers of the WWE claiming I stole their slamming a trash can down on the head move. Oh the humanity!"

"My wife loves nothing better than to trash talk me while we are out food shopping. Imagine my surprise when a lawyer from the WWE tapped her on the shoulder and demanded that she stop doing that or she would be sued for copyright infringement. It's a diabolical disgrace. Although I do welcome the quiet."


This is a screen shot from the end of a WWE DVD claiming copyright over wrestling moves used in their shows. The screen shot is genuine, we have underlined the words 'wrestling moves' to emphasis it for this story...

Wrestling moves copyrighted by WWE:


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