Aug 22, 2007
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Breaking News: NFL Star Arrested On Rabbit Fighting Charges

Rabbit Rumble / Bunny Brawling

Breaking Satire: News on the wires just coming into our news desk suggests that an NFL star has been arrested for organizing rabbit fights. This following the current case in which NFL star Michael Vick admitted to arranging dog fights. The two cases are not believed to be connected.

We will continue to update this page when the details come in.

These are our notes so far...

Fighting sports have become popular on the internet with real fist fights and street fights posted on

Underground fighting was made popular by the movie Fight Club in which a man fist-fights himself because he is mentally ill (the movie is actually quite good despite this). Fight Club stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

Unlike the book (written by a guy called Chuck something) and movie Fight Club, on the internet the last rule of Fight Club is 'do not talk about Fight Club', not the first one.

Rabbit fighting is rare because rabbits are notoriously dopey and unaggressive animals.

We have never heard of a person being killed by being attacked by a rabbit.

It is believed that the rabbits involved in the NFL player arranged fight were on an aggressive drug banned by both Boxing and MMA organizations.

MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, is the future of fighting and makes Boxing look stupid.

Fan of rabbits, Dana White, is the head of UFC, or the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the premier MMA organisation.

The UFC have nothing whatsoever to do with rabbit fighting.

Were these charges to be proved the NFL star being accused of organizing underground rabbit fights may never work in this town again.

Quote from Mervin Hamliesh: "Rabbit fighting is an abhorrence. Send me the youtube link and I'll take a look but you should be ashamed of yourself."

Quote from Harry Hart, President of the French Rabbit Fighting Championship: "Rabbeet fightiing iz ze futuure of animal sports. In a typical rabbeet fight neizer rabbit gets hurt much because after they jump on top of each other a bit all they want to do is eat carrots."

Bugs Bunny is a cartoon rabbit popular amongst many people.

Bugs Bunny is believed to be the first rabbit to fight professionally. His opponent, Elmar Fudd, was unable to answer our questions in the time allowed before this story was broadcast.

Links: Video: Bugs Bunny Fight

Movie Review Fight Club.

UFG: Ultimate Fat Guy story.


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