Aug 14, 2007
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Fans Of Harry Potter Urge JK Rowling For Harry Potter Book 8

Harry Not A Gonna

Fans of the Harry Potter books who have just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book 7) began urging JK Rowling for the next book, it emerged last night.

The 'Hallows' book, one of the fastest selling books in history, was thought to be the last Harry Potter book, but Rowling craftily leaves it open at the end, we can now reveal.

A reader, 12, from Tonkinsonville, Australia, emailed this web site to say:

"I don't want to ruin it for anybody about to read the book but Rowling quite clearly leaves the story open for a book 8. When is she going to finish it? Has she even started it yet?' can reveal exclusively that there are plans for an eighth book, but we have no other details as to who has those plans, what the book will be about, when the book will be written and who will write it.

Other comments from our readers:

"What becomes of Harry? I think we should be told!"

"Harry Potter is s***."

"F**** Harry Potter he is a c****."

"*** teh **** *** ***"

"Ron and Hermione should be given their own spin-off series."


Summary of the main points of the Deathly Hallows book, edited to remove any spoilers:

**** **** *** kills ****** after discovering that *******'s **** ruse was ***** a ***** **** ** * Voldemort *** ** kill ****. But *** **** *** ***. He *** *** and finally **** **** ** * wandfest finale. *** *** and *** die in the book, *** *** *** **'* *** **** *** ** ** *** ** Bloomsbury ****** ** ** **** ***. Ron, Hermionie and Harry ****** **** *** . Snape *******. **** has *****, *** ** *** ** ***** ****** Severus.


Unfortunately we have now run out of the "Oi, Voldemort, suck on my wand!" T-shirts. All orders received will be met, but please do not send in any more orders, thank you!


Did You Know?: JK Rowling is not an anagram of JRR Tolkien.


Did You Know 2? : Our spell checker, when spell checking this report, asked if we wanted to change the word wandfest to windiest!


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