Aug 12, 2007
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'Bong' Bonanza Before Big Ben Break

Bong Bong Bong

Big Ben gave London's tourists a memorable show last night by bonging hits from the shows before going silent for essential maintenance.

The bonged tunes such as 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina', 'Grease', 'Phantom of the Opera' and chart hits such as 'Lady Lumps' and 'Crazee Frog' filled the London air.

An American tourist told this website:

"The melancolly chimes of Big Ben gave the solemnity of Don't Cry For Me Argentina a sonorous quality that moved me and the wife to tears. Our tears were only eased by the passing of a Pearly King and Queen singing Any Old Iron."

Tourists from Argentina criticized the show:

"Maybe I'm going tone deaf, but it sounded to me like Big Ben was only bonging on one note. It got quite monotonous at times, a few police sirens would have helped."

But Music and Bong Critic from London' s free Metro newspaper told us:

"I would expect the Argentinians to criticize the show, the Peron years are still a touchy subject. But, on the whole, yes, I agree, it was completely awful, horrible really. Sometimes you can say, well it's something different and they made the effort, but in this case I say never ever again."


Did You Know? Big Ben is the name of a porn star who lives in Soho, London, and is not the name of the clock which is called 'the clock at the top of the tower of Westminster'.

Did You Know 2? The bell called Big Ben was originally named after Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, who had a large penis.


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