Aug 28, 2007
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Bar Owner Tells Of Reaction After Being Told 'Amy Winehouse Is On Her Way'

Amy Beerfest
Semi Exclusive: Bar manager of Scally Slappers And Rappers Wine And Spirits Bar, Harry Jones, related to one of our reporters his reaction when he was told that Amy 'Rehab' Winehouse was on her way to his bar.

"I had obviously heard she was a heavy drinker but when you are given just 10 minutes warning that she is on her way it sends a shiver down your spine. It's a bit like that roller-coaster feeling but without the 'weeeeeeeeeeeee'."

"I got my bar boy to do a quick stock check and quickly phoned up the brewery for an emergency delivery."

"I didn't realize that the brewery had a whole Amy Winehouse Emergency Procedure. I have never seen a vodka and beer van arrive that fast in my life."

Rumors are that Amy Winehouse, singer of such hits as 'They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab But I Said No No Uhm No' and 'V-a-a-aaa-llllllllll-aaaaaaa-rrrr-ee-e-e-e-e-ee', can drink over 50 pints of beer and 9 bottles of spirits in an hour.

Harry Jones continues:

"I have been asked by another journalist how she was. I hesitate to say she was shit-faced because there was so much beer on it."

"In the event Amy didn't drink anywhere near the 350 pints and 63 bottles of vodka that a 7 hour session suggested, so I was relieved but it has to be said a little disappointed on the profit side which is why I've had to sell my story to the press."


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