July 12, 2007
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Management Tips From The Movies Part 5: The Terminator

Mayhem IV The Sequel

All this week we have been suggesting management tips from the movies.

Today another one of the most important movies for managers yet, Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, directed by James Cameron.

TIP 1) Beware The Dangers In Data Mining. On paper it seems like a nice and simple idea. Take a phone directory and find all of the Sarah Connor's in town. But look what happened! Two perfectly innocent Sarah Connor's murdered to death and the one you want escapes. Damn IT Data Miners in Hell...

TIP 2) Managing With A Foreign Accent. Arnold Schwarzenneger is an inspiration to all managers with a foreign accent. Most employees prefer the short sharp quick to the point instructions even if it is in a foreign accent.

TIP 3) The Use Of Catch Phrases To Assert Your Authority. Where would Arnold Schwarzennegger be today without his catch phrase 'I'll Be Back'. DON'T USE THIS ONE, but choose a management phrase to set you above the crowd of other managers. Be remembered!

TIP 4) Beating The Competition When You Have Inferior Equipment. Sheer aggression and ingenuity can give you a real advantage over better equipped competition. Make sure you go to all of the management sharpshooting seminars available to you and, if it comes to the decision to either shoot or not shoot at your competition in a crowded area where innocent bystanders could be hit, train yourself to instinctively kill any stupid bystanders silly enough to get in your way.

TIP 5) Managing Technology. Whilst all technology isn't bad, the technology that is firing live bullets and/or rocket launchers at you is. Don't let this put you off technology completely. Remember that technology has given us the Internet, DVDs and a nice living as a middle manager in IT.


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