July 10, 2007
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Management Tips From The Movies Part 3: The Fantastic Four

Managing Even More Mayhem

After a group of Italian academics produced a book outlining the positive management messages from 50 selected movies, we have been selecting our own movies all this week. First it was Pirates of the Caribbean, then Shrek. Today it is The Fantastic Four...

TIP 1) Managing Safety In the Workplace. The Fantastic Four are all the victims of an accident in the workplace but rather than suing their employers, they make the most of their deformities. Encourage your workforce to do the same, threatening them with anything that comes to mind to stave off their need to sue your pants off.

TIP 2) Uniforms. Make sure everyone on your team has a costume made out of 'self regulating unstable molecules', or something similar. A happy team is a team all dressed the same! Remember: no team can effectively serve customers without wearing the same costume!

TIP 3) Cynical Sycophancy. The way to get what you want from your senior manager is to give him exactly what he wants even when you know what he wants is wrong. Always make sure you get any 'stupid' requests in writing and use it at a later date when it all goes horribly wrong (even if you are the reason it went horribly wrong. If you can show you told your senior manager not to do it, he will have to go... eventually...)

TIP 4) Staff Morale. Employing attractive people in the workplace: It helps productivity and when done right, satisfying sex in the daytime is just a cubicle away.

TIP 5) Diversity In the Workplace. The Fantastic Four is a perfect metaphor for the integrated multi-ethnically diverse workforce, without the need to actually employ anyone with an ethnicity other than Caucasian.

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