July 8, 2007
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Management Tips From The Movies Part 1: Pirates Of The Caribbean

Managing Mayhem
There is a book now on the market which lists 50 movies that management should watch to discover how to manage people properly. [Link here].

It makes perfect sense to us.

So, in the spirit of advancing management further into the new-ish millennium here are our management tips taken from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

TIP 1) CARRY ON REGARDLESS! Captain Jack Sparrow is the ultimate disaster manager. Jack, a beta male who makes himself an alpha manager by his thorough determination to not stop regardless of any obstacle, is an inspiration to all middle managers everywhere who haven't a clue how they got here, but just keep plowing on through disaster after disaster.

Example from the movie: Jack is prepared by the cannibal natives as if for a barbecue. But even though the skewer, of whatever you call a thingie that can hold a man over a flame, is through his clothing he still makes a run for it thinking on the hoof as he runs. He eventually falls down a cliff. Disaster? No, not for Jack, he is in fact saved by the rod through his back. Management lesson to be learned: Embrace all limitations and handicaps and make them work for you!

TIP 2) HEAVY ALCOHOL USAGE CAN HELP MAKE DIFFICULT DECISIONS. Captain Jack Sparrow is constantly rum soaked. Being drunk gives him the managerial freedom to make difficult, sometimes painful decisions, that without the rum he might not be able to make. Managers should use alcohol wisely but never fear to use it when difficult decisions have to be made.

TIP 3) MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING! The whole movie is based on a ride at Disneyworld. Always have an eye for marketing in everything you do. If there is a book to be sold later then keep a diary, keep any incriminating pictures, note gossip down - knowledge is never wasted.

TIP 4) SOMETIMES YOU JUST GET LUCKY! Taking the movie as a whole: Johnny Depp is regarded as possibly the finest actor of his generation. The Pirates movies however have been roundly criticized by critics, although have made a fortune at the box office and in DVD sales. Management lesson: get a good team and ignore the critics!

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