July 2, 2007
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Should The Hilton Hotel In Paris Continue To Be Called The Paris Hilton?

Hilton Hurrump

Is it time for the Paris Hilton hotel to rebrand itself?

Our experts give us their views:

"When the directors from the Hilton Organization asked me for my views on the name I told them go with 'Seine Hilton'. I told them that they risked being linked to the stupid bitch called Paris Hilton in the minds of Americans, otherwise. Then I quickly discovered that Paris Hilton was this guy's granddaughter and he grabbed hold of my ear and threw me out of the room. Strong fingers that's what I remember of the Hilton family."


"I've booked a room at the Paris Hilton in August. Can't wait. Got a nice big discount when I told them I was an American and I'd just seen Paris Hilton on the television too. Superb work. And if I were to be completely honest, French women could take a leaf out of the Paris Hilton book, a few more dipsey smiles could transform those grumpy bunts in Paris over night."


"There's no such thing as bad publicity, I always say. And when Paris Hilton, the celebrity, is a member of the Hilton family, then I say let's just sit back and count the column inches! If you are looking fir a soundbite then it's just got to be: 'Keep the name, forget the shame'. Hic."


"Paris Hilton. Paris... Hilton. Ah, Paris Hilt-on. Before Paris Hilton, the celebrity, the words Paris Hilton evoked wonderfilled walks along the Seine, accordion playing in the background, leafy boulevards tastefully spotted with newspaper kiosks; and patisseries offering their wares in their finest reds and yellows and greens, one taste of this exquisite deliciousness sending your mouth into a veritable mouth-gasm of wonder. Today the words Paris Hilton evoke orange prison suits, driving without a license and a newsreader burning her news script live on air. On balance I say keep the name - the bloody French wouldn't support us in our war in Iraq, so I say stuff em."


"In my opinion the Paris Hilton hotel should have a dipsey blondes only policy. Brunette's wanting a room? Throw them out! Black haired women? Out on their ear!!! Ginger's? It doesn't bare thinking about but I would throw them out perhaps a bit more carefully as they are traditionally so fiery."


"Oh, the Compote d'Ouvre Orange is quite simply divine at the Paris Hilton, my dear. Perchance that this exquisite dish change! It's simply perfect the way it is! What else could one call the Hilton hotel in Paris other than the Paris Hilton? [Thinking] Hilton Parisian? Oooh I know The Gay Par-eee Hilton?"



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