July 3, 2007
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Bush Pulls Back After Libby Row: All Friends' Commuted Sentences To Be Doubled

Bush Bravura
BREAKING SPIN: USA: Later today the president is to announce the immediate doubling of all suspended and commuted sentences for all of his friends.

This follows political fallout from the Scooter Libby row in which the president commuted a 30-month prison sentence, which is now to be increased to a 60-month commuted prison term.

A spokesman for the Bush administration told this web site:

"The president is keen to show once and for all that his friends are not above the law.

The president's friends and friends of his administration must pay their price to society and presidential influence should not be used to give his friends and family a higher priority than that for those in society at large.

By immediately doubling all suspended and commuted sentences the president is showing once and for all that he will not misuse his presidential position.

But there is more.

The president is also prepared to triple or even quadruple suspended sentences for his friends and family where it is deemed appropriate.

Nobody should be under any illusion that this president is not tough on crime, even when his own friends do it."


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