June 11, 2007
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That Final Scene From The Last Episode Of The Sopranos...

Ta Ta Tony

It was the finale that left everyone reaching for their remote controls last night.

Here, exclusively on, scenes from the last five seconds of The Sopranos, the HBO classic serial.

Tony Soprano final episode, The Sopranos
Tony Soprano reaches for breadstick ©HBO, The Sopranos, final episode
Meado, final episode The Sopranos
Meadow drinks glass of water ©HBO, The Sopranos, final episode
AJ, final episode The Sopranos
AJ looks up at ceiling ©HBO, The Sopranos, final episode

What the critics said about last night's final episode of The Sopranos:

"The darkest 5 seconds in television history. Utterly brilliant in a dark way."

"A sumptuous crescendo of blackness ending over eight years of TV perfection."

"If that final 5 seconds of black screen doesn't win a Grammy then there is no justice in this world."

"Black screen? I didn't notice. Another brilliant episode of the Sopranos." TV critic, Blind Daily.

"Apparently that bit when the thug went into the bathroom was a tribute to The Godfather. Will they have to pay Copola anything for that?"


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