June 7, 2007
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Review Urged Of Pope's Wave After Pontiff Involved In Matrix Style Fight Mix-up

"Come On Let's Fight" says Pope wave

Shocking video footage, which appears to show the Pope goading members of a crowd to jump at him and fight, has appeared on this web site, below.

Controversial Pope wave that is causing concern

In the video, Pope Benedict can be seen flicking his fingers in the typical Matrix style 'come on then let's fight' motion, left.

In the video, below, a member of the crowd is seen to take the Pope up on his apparent invitation for combat, but mistimes his attack, completely missing the pontiff, then falling to the ground before losing decisively in a fight with security.

Controversial Video Footage
Launch in external player ('Right Click' HERE then 'Save Target As' to download to your hard disk)

A person we spoke to in the crowd told this web site:

"Before this incident, I had never seen The Matrix so I didn't understand what the Pope's wave meant. I just thought he was waving, but now, having seen the video, above, on, and then having seen one of the slow motion fights in The Matrix, I am now convinced that the Pope was looking for a fight. It could be a terrible misunderstanding by a new Pope, but something must be done about this before anyone else gets hurt."

A spokesman for told one of our reporters:

"The video clearly shows the Pope flicking his hand, looking for a fight in a Matrix type way. The video shows someone taking him up on his invitation but unfortunately he mistimes his attack and falls to the ground. We have written to advise the Vatican that the Pope's wave should be changed to stop this kind of misunderstanding happening again."


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