June 28, 2007
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Paris Hilton Learned To Play Harmonica While In Jail

Hilton Hullabaloo

Paris Hilton, professional celebrity, has managed to pick up how to play the harmonica while in prison apparently by the process of osmosis, we can now report.

The socialite discovered her new found ability while rehearsing for an interview on the Larry King show.

A spokesman for Harmonica's In Prison, told this web site:

"What you find with most inmates is that they either find God, or they find they can play the harmonica after their stay. In Hilton's case it seems like she picked up both, which isn't bad for a 23 day stay."

Hilton, who claims that she couldn't play the harmonica before going into prison, can now play a number of blues tunes including:

  • "Woa Is Me, I'm So Weary Here On the Chain Gang"
  • "Amazing, Like, Totally Amazing, Grace"
  • "Another Shovel In My Hand And A Road That Won't Build Itself"
  • "Jesus Loves The Little Children"
  • "Karma Chameleon".

A spokesman for The Association Of One Man Bands told this web site:

"Well she's got the harmonica down now, only the drums, cymbals and tambourines and she could be on the fairground circuit by the end of the year."


In other Paris Hilton news: Apology. Yesterday we reported that on her first day out of prison, Hilton locked herself in the bathroom and slept in the bath. We have since discovered that this might or might not have happened we have absolutely no idea what she did on her first night of freedom but it sounded kookie enough for us.

In other other Paris Hilton news: As part of her new found belief in God, Paris Hilton could change her name to Paris Motel6.


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