June 7, 2007
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Paris Hilton Escapes From Jail

Hilton Hullabaloo
According to our celebrity reporter, Paris Hilton has escaped from jail after only 3 days.

The 27 year-old celebrity heiress escaped from the Century Regional Detention Facility, Los Angeles, this morning in a laundry basket, she was dressed as a Mexican cleaning woman.

Hilton hid in the laundry basket over night. This basket was moved at 6:31am when the cleaning contractors removed it in the classic jail escape technique that has been foolin' 'em for years.

Hilton then returned to her home, fed her cat, did the New York Times crossword, called her broker to reduce her top-heavy position in utility stocks, and took a shower.

During her time in jail she watched Brad Pitt movies and refused to eat Wieners, according to unreliable sources.

Despite reports from some web sites she didn't have a cell mate, apart from her imaginary friend Jerry, who is a buff 6ft 2, tanned, blue eyes and has a Mediterranean accent.

In other related news:

Following Paris Hilton's escape, media jail watchers have criticized Martha Stewart as 'useless' for not finding a way to escape from jail during her recent stay.

President Bush has been kept informed of the Paris Hilton escape at the G8 summit in Humberglobengloolumstadt. In other other G8 news: Five people dressed as clowns have had their noses confiscated in a security lock down in Berlin.


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