June 4, 2007
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First Pictures Of Paris Hilton's Cell Mate

Paris On Our Minds World Exclusive

Paris Hilton's cell mate
The first picture of 'Babyface' - Paris Hilton's cell mate

This, above, is the first picture of Babyface 'Critter' Stranglelove, Paris Hilton's cell mate, we can now reveal.

Hilton admitted herself to the Century Regional Detention Facility, SE Los Angeles, last night.

Hilton will sleep in the special needs unit with only one cell mate, we have been assured.

It is estimated that her cell mate could make over $1mn in any post detention world exclusive, more if 'anything juicy happens'.

We have found it difficult to find anything out about Babyface because our reporters are scared of her.

Head to belly - fight
Babyface attacks cell mate with head to the belly

Babyface is in detention for what is described as 'various strange misdemeanors'.

Paris Hilton told reporters at the MTV awards ceremony last night that she was scared but was being really strong.

Babyface lists her hobbies as: 'making cell mates cry', 'hiding stuff', and 'shouting all-of-a-sudden'.


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