June 19, 2007
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Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD Let's Have A Heated Debate!!!

DVD Debate

Blockbuster seem to have decided to stock just Blu-Ray discs from now on in their stores, it's said to be the first big victory for the Blu-Ray High Definition DVD format over its HD-DVD competitor.

But which one will win, and which one will lose out?

Our experts give us their views on the format that they favor:

"Is Blu-Ray made by the same company that makes the delightfully odorous "Blu-Loo" toilet water coloring detergent? (Just pop it in the toilet and flush and it turns the water blue!!!) If it is then sign me up right away!!! My toilet bowl has never been cleaner thanks to the guys at Blu-Loo. Well done for coming up with another brilliant idea!"

"On the one hand blue is my favorite color. On the other hand I do hate misspellings. Is it too much to ask for Blu-Ray to be renamed Blue-Ray? Until this is decided I will have to remain on the fence."


"Hic. In early trials the HD-DVD format seemed to come up trumps with a much cleaner image. Hic. Burp. Similarly, in those early trials the Blu-Ray quality had significant image factorization which I personally found wanting. Ppfffrt. However, with the prospects of a 200 gigabytes storage capacity on one Blu-Ray disc, and only 60 gigabytes in prospect on an HD-DVD disc, then the writing must be on the wall for the smaller storage format. Hic. Then, when one discovers that only Universal Studios are completely behind HD-DVD and the other major studios either actively pushing Blu-Ray or are producing discs in both formats until a winner is decided, it is difficult to see how Blu-Ray can now fail to flourish. Oooh. I'll have just one more double-triple and that's my limit. Hic."


"I'll be completely honest with you, I couldn't give a rats ass which format wins. I am rarely in, I have a life! I couldn't program my VHS video recorder, what chance have I got to program a second generation higher video device?"


"High definition is massively overrated. I'd rather have a sack full of carrots."

"Hmmm. Sign me up for both! I'll have one of each!! That'll do just dandy. Which format will win? Quite frankly I can afford to back a loser and still be in the money! Oh how I love capitalism in all of it's various shades! Ha Ha Ha!"



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