May 30, 2007
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Robert Zoellick Receives Messages Of Support From World Hair-Handicapped

Hair Don't
Robert Zoellick

This is reported to be the hair on the head of the new head of The World Bank, Robert Zoellick. George Bush is reported to be about to announce his appointment later today. Already there have been hundreds of emails of support from other hair handicapped people from around the world... We have a few here...

"Well done Bob. Congratulations!!! This is the simply the biggest achievement so far this year for a hair comb over guy. Superb!"
"It's almost impossible not to break into song at this fantastic news! Well done Bob. See you at Hairdo's Anonymous in June."

"Ab-so-luut-ley incredible. Fantastic. Hic. The last time... I... oh... brilliant... just... hic.

Who put the lights out?"

"As I always say, you shouldn't recruit the head of The World Bank by his hair alone. That was the mistake Bush made with Wolfowitz (great head of hair and everyone hates you.) This time I'm happy to see Bush isn't going to repeat the same mistake."
"Bing Bang Boing! Well done Bob!!!"
"Oh shave it all off you pussy!!! Just kidding Bob, well done and my card is in the post (imagine my surprise, Hallmark does a card for this!)"



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