May 9, 2007
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Paris Hilton Look-A-Like Offers To Go To Jail For Her Hero, And Other Offers...

Hilton Hullabaloo

Honey Chucksadaisy, a Paris Hilton impersonator, has offered to go to jail for the ditsy celeb, we have discovered.

Honey, 25, is one of 5 Hilton look-a-likees who have made offers of help to the star so far...

The look-i-likee offers we have been told about so far are:

Honey: "I'll go to jail for my hero."

Maisy: "I'll do stand in media work for my hero and keep all the money."
Jenny: "Although I'm a doctor, I'll be a ditsy blonde for 45 days on the tv for her money any day."
Shaun: "I'll do anything for her as long as I don't have to shave my legs."
Mave: "Why oh why oh why does everyone keep telling me I look like Paris Hilton?"

Other offers/comments as we get them:

JH, London: "I'm happy to water her plants while she is in prison."

KJ, Maryland: "Who's Paris Hilton?"

DD, Washington: "If sharing a shower room full of butch hairy lesbians doesn't stop her driving without a license then nothing will."

GG, Harold: "Whoever gave Paris Hilton a driving license in the first place is the real criminal in my opinion."


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