Apr 2, 2007
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Chocolate Jesus Melts In Manhattan Gallery Accident

Easter Exasperation

Just when it looked like the controversy surrounding the chocolate Jesus in a Manhattan arts gallery couldn't get any worse, it got even worse this morning.

The controversial sculpture of Jesus made out of brown chocolate has melted, we can now report.

What was the chocolate Jesus, which is now a puddle of gooey chocolate, was discovered this morning when security staff turned up for work.

A spokesman for the gallery told our reporter:

"I have been asked to stress that the gooey chocolate is just a puddle of gooey chocolate now and is not to be referred to as a melted Jesus."

It appears that the sculpture was temporarily moved by cleaners last night and placed near a heater and then forgotten about. The melting then took place over night.

The same spokesman from the arts gallery told a different one of our reporters:

"The melting took about 5 hours. This morning all we found was a puddle of chocolate."

We have tried to contact the artist responsible for the original chocolate sculpture but we couldn't get through to him when we tried to psychically contact him last night. We then tried to speak to the cleaner responsible but our reporter didn't speak any English.


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