Mar 19, 2007
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Phil Spector Trial: Witness Stand To Be Insulated Against Electric Discharge

Spector Shock

Story first published in Celebrity DIY and Electrical's Daily.

Work to electrically insulate the court room scheduled to host the Phil Spector trial later in the year advanced today with the arrival of the long awaited insulation panels from China. The FXP7637 Flangeboard Electripanels should be fitted in time for the trial to begin next month.

Phil Spector

The panels have been brought in to electrically insulate Spector from the trial judge and jury, without which it could be a frizzy hair day for all those sitting in connected court units.

When Spector is under pressure, such as when giving testimony in the witness box, his electricity charge is believed to increase to over 1000 volts (see picture above).

Trial lawyers are not believed to be affected as their desks do not connect to the judge, witness and jury units, although, were lawyers to accidentally touch the unit in which Spector sits, such as during questioning, they too could become temporarily 'frizzled'.

Our expert in science and stuff tried to explain it to us like this:

"What Phil Spector is like is when you shuffle your feet back and forth quickly on the ground on some carpets to build up a positive charge and then you touch somebody and an electric charge comes out of your fingers but in his case it's all over his body and about a 1000 times bigger charge."

It is claimed that Phil Spector is sometimes so positively charged with electricity that whichever wig he has on his head at the time can fly off hitting the ceiling and sometimes staying there.

Phil Spector is a part-time emergency source of energy for Los Angeles Power and Light, according to reports we believe we have seen in the New York Times.


Apology: In an earlier story made a comment apparently linking Mr Spector's appearance to popular cartoon series of the 1970's, the Hair Bear Bunch. We are happy to apologize for this comment without withdrawing it, and have made a small payment in damages to a local Bear sanctuary.


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