Mar 12, 2007
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Local Burglaries Rise During Home Owners Protest Against House Burglary

House Horror

Up to 3000 local residents took to the streets Sunday to protest against the growing number of house break-ins in the area, according to a reporter we bumped into down the pub Saturday night.

"House burglaries have risen by over 50% in the last 12 months and we just aren't gonna take it any more..."

... this from former county squash champion, Merlon Jeffries, speaking at the anti-burglary rally at the local hall.


In other news: Police report an increase in the number of house burglaries, Sunday, during a protest against house burglaries.

A police spokesman told this web site that it looks like the local burglars took the street protests as an opportunity to raid empty houses.

A spokesman for the police department told our reporter:

"Unfortunately we didn't have enough officers to keep an eye on the empty houses as our officers were busy organizing the street protests."

Meanwhile, Ebay have said any locals trying to sell stolen goods will be prosecuted.


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