Mar 6, 2007
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Dick Cheney: "I'm Never Going To Die"

VP To Live Forever

Dick Cheney shrugged off his latest health problems declaring that 'I'm never going to die.'

This, as the blood clot in his leg was named most influential blood clot in the world by

Dick Cheney is now officially the illest living vice president in history.

He's had 4 heart attacks, he needs to wear glasses, he has legendarily poor hand-to-eye coordination (he once shot his hunting buddy in the face thinking he was a quail), and now has a blood clot in his leg.

Cheney(Left, is a picture of Dick Cheney grinding his teeth when under stress.)

Were Dick Cheney to die now we would not feel bad in the slightest that we wrote this.


Correction/Addendum: In a story we published on the 12th August 2004 we made the following incomplete statement:

'Dick Cheney has been voted the pissiest politician in 2001 and 2002 for his angry outbursts in meetings to subordinates.'

We have been asked to point out that Dick Cheney also won the 2003 title too.


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