Feb 14, 2007
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Valentine Competition: Win A Bunch Of Roses From Your Favorite Hollywood Star

Valentines Day Fun

As a special treat for our readers this Valentine's day, we are offering you the very very very small chance to win a bunch of flowers from your favorite Hollywood star (alive or dead). (Subject to the terms and conditions, below.)

Yes, you heard us right!

A bunch of flowers with a handwritten card attached to it with the name of your favorite Hollywood star on!

What other web site could possibly offer that?

All you have to do is think up a witty caption for the picture below:

The best captions we have received so far:

1) The heart is saying: "Does my ass look big in this?"

2) The heart is saying: "Yes, I've had a boob job."


Think you can do better than that? Please send us your captions:

Happy Valentine's Day

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Terms and Conditions:

This is a fun internet experience. The number of entries each reader can submit is limited to 70,657,890. The judges decision is final. The handwritten card as promised may not be available in all areas, if it isn't you'll have to make do with a typed or potato printed card. The Hollywood celebrity living or dead that you choose as your Valentine is not responsible for the delivery of the flowers and may have no knowledge of the flowers were you to make contact with them by any means including stalking.


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