Feb 27, 2007
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Children's Favorite Movie Star In Drugs Shocker

Herbie Horror

Herbie, one of Walt Disney's biggest live action stars of the 1970's, has been revealed to have had an 'ongoing heavy addiction to illegal Class A drugs', and was 'regularly stoned during filming'.

This drug habit has been kept a closely guarded secret by the studio for over thirty years, and it is revealed here exclusively today for the first time anywhere on the internet.

The allegations, which came to our attention when we ran all the early Herbie films through a new software product that can tell if leading actors are pissed or not during their on-screen performances, is set to shock millions of the car's fans around the world.

Happy Herbie:

A movie insider told

"Drug use in Hollywood in the mid-to-late 70's was profound and many stars used drugs heavily, even during shoots. Today the problem is more under control, but it still happens and a number of leading actors could well be in a bit of trouble if chooses to reveal this to a shocked and horror-filled world."

A number of critics objected to the Herbie films during the 1970's, complaining of the star's erratic performances, but only now can we definitively prove how pissed the star actually was during many of the scenes.

And it was a lot.

According to the software, licensed exclusively to, Herbie had a 'significant Cocaine and Heroin addiction which could have killed thousands through the exhaust fumes alone'.

An insider confirmed to us:

"Herbie's problems reached a peak during the filming of Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo, in 1978. During some of the scenes, particularly where Herbie had to act amorously, he is clearly out of control, requiring the editors to cut the action in order to hide the problems."


Legal disclaimer: We have been asked to make clear in this report that the Herbie who appeared in the 2005 movie is not implicated in this drug shock sensation.


Coming soon on this web site: Which actor in Ocean's Eleven was the most stoned? Our software package reveals all.


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