Feb 12, 2007
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Some Minor Grammy's You Might Have Missed

"And The Winner's Aren't..."

The results of the 49th minor Grammy awards, as announced whilst standing on a big box of staples last night:

Audio Book For Children Read By An Actor With A Speech Impediment: Doug Smith, "Shiny Serpent Stamps His Be-Socked Feet."

Best Tambourine On A Rap Album: MC Greg, "Mo Fo Joe."

Best Philosophy In A Lyric In A Country Song. Waylon Pilon, "The Day My Foot Slipped Off The Accelerator And You Flew Into My Lap."

Highest Note Achieved In A Recording Session In 2006 But Not Used On The Eventual Recording Released: Jane Hyson, "Screaming Jane."

Best 'Aggro-Drumming' On A Classical Recording: Harry 'Knuckles' Bedfellows, "Vivaldi's Spring Concerto."

Most Innovative Dance Related Injury In A Music Video Which Appeared On YouTube (Requiring The Insertion Of Three Metal Pins In Leg Or Arm): Jimmy Jones, "I Dance Like This On Tuesdays."

Best Gospel / Garage Rap Fusion: Kick U In The Balls, "Minister Rap."

Best Reggae Album For Performer With A Famous Dad: Ziggy Marley, "Love Is My Religion."

Best Performance Of A 'This Is Dolby Sound' Jingle At The Start Of A Movie: Cary Grint and the Grintfellows, "Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest."

Best Album With A Flatulence Double Entendre: "Dance With the Wind," Mary Youngblood.

America Is So Sorry We Doubted You And How About Some Advice On What The Hell We Should Be Doing In Iraq Now, Special Award: Dixi Chicks.


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