Feb 5, 2007
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George Bush Now Officially Beyond Parody

Bush Thought

George Bush is now completely unparodyable, that is according to an email someone sent us yesterday.

President Bush - who has entertained us through the years with pretzel eating to unconsciousness, riding a bike into a tree and all of those hilarious Bushisms (the best ones are still here and the videos are here) - is now officially believed to be beyond a joke by satirists throughout the world.

A spokesman for the Official Television Satirists League of America told our reporter:

"This is really serious, we've still got just under two more years of Bush at the top and nobody has anything new and funny to say about the president, I mean nobody.

In all of my years laughing at the various presidents, I've never seen anything like this.

I mean with Carter we had his folksy comments, Reagan was always only a slip of the tongue away from telling everyone he was about to bomb the Russians, Bush senior left after only one term so he was never a problem, and of course Clinton was a satirists dream - especially for attractive satirists with a vagina.

There aren't even any new jokes about Laura, the twins, or even Barney, they've all been done."


In other George Bush news: George Bush is now the least likely president since the invention of the motor car that anyone would want to buy a used car from, beating Richard Nixon into second place.


An apology: We would like to apologize to Chinese Communist Party member Ding Lo Pow for our story, yesterday, in which we accused him of being involved in a hit and run incident with a dog. We are happy to point out that the dog was his own and that he managed to replace it with a new one that looked exactly like it within two hours of the accident.


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