Feb 20, 2007
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Britney Debate - Do All Baldies Need Help?

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As Britney Spears shaves all her head hair off in front of the world's media, and entertainment journalists desperate for a Britney story say the shaving is a sign she's having a breakdown, we ask:

Is Britney breaking up, or are all baldies completely insane?

"I shaved all of my hair off once. And I mean all of my hair. Not just my head hair.

I think Britney took the easy step. Were she to do a full body shave in front of the world's media then I would say that she probably has a problem. However, this commentator would gladly pay to see it."


"Why oh why oh why didn't she just shave the middle of her head and then have a combover? That surely would indicate a breakdown."


"I have an idea. Why doesn't she shave all her hair off and then put on that pink wig she likes going out to the clubs in?

That way she can have all of the benefits of being able to hear that lovely sound of hand-slap-upon-her-own-bald-head, with all of the comfort of a full head of hair close at hand? Hic."


"Britney? Bald? Has she got a CD coming out? A book? This radical new look is simply to die for. Sign me up for whatever the bitch is selling."


"In my opinion this is just the latest stage in the Michael Jacksonisation of Ms Spears.

Within weeks expect veils and sandals and dark glasses. And maybe a new monkey by her side..."


"Britney Spears was never my cup of tea, however at last she has become interesting. A breakdown? Postnatal depression has never looked more beautifully skinheady!

Bravisimo! I will have to get out my old Britney Spears CD's and play them loud in my bedroom with my girlfriends at my next sleepover, while clipping their heads to a bald slappyness..."



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