Jan 24, 2007
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Chaos As Wrong Man Introduced As President Before 'State Of The Union'

Bush Borked

The annual State of the Union address deteriorated into chaos last night when the wrong person was introduced as President of the United States.

As this video, here, clearly shows, the president was correctly announced but then a bald man steps forward ahead of Bush:

State Of Union Chaos
Launch in external player ('Right Click' HERE then 'Save Target As' to download to your hard disk)

The unknown man proceeded to give the State of the Union address due to the ancient first come first served rules.

Man gives State Of Union address
State Of The Union chaos last night

The ancient ruling in full:

Ancient State of the Union Proclamation
That whomsoever stepf forward after being introduced as the President of this here United Staytes of Amerika to ye Houfe of Reprefentativef, shalt give thy address to thy Houfe by his own mouth, dear Lord.

The State of the Union audience came to their feet on a number of occasions when it was announced that police were to be given free donuts, all military personnel will be withdrawn from Iraq by next Thursday and that Simon Cowell is to be extradited.


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