Jan 23, 2007
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Welcome To Our Spambox - Spam Of The Week


Well, its been a busy week and our inbox has been red hot once again! Thanks to all of our readers for taking the time to write in!

A number of our readers have been kindly emailing us to tell us about a sure fire investment opportunity! Thanks guys. Jillian Crosby, Latonya Marquez and Isaac Parra all recommend the stock Ventana Medical Systems. As they say, 'It's not a shit company'. Well, we'll pass your advice on to our investment department as soon as we get one!

hunk OBrien emailed us yesterday to give us $777 to play in a casino! My, that is an awful lot of slot machines for us! Thank you matie!

Bank of America seems to have forgotten our personal information again! For the umpteenth time, guys, we don't have an account with you!!! But even so, it's nice to know you haven't gone bankrupt yet.

Tiara Aline and Delila Krystal both write in to offer us an unbelievable deal on replica Rolex watches. Hey girls, we hate Rolex watches even when they are fully priced, far too chunk for us! Thanks for the thought tho!

Thanks, also, for the kind words from Breann Delila who is concerned at the amount of sperm in our penis! But, girl, up to 500% more? My that would be a sight to behold! Oh and by the way, Breann, babe, all men have multiple orgasms, darling, it's just how it works. Thanks for the thought though!

Ferguson James writes in to tell us "Hi, my name is John."

Shala Shaqir writes in to tell us that he doesn't care we have a small penis. Thanks, Shala, we always love to hear from you. Oh, and was the song 'Shala-la-la ding dong' written for you? It's one of our favorite songs of the 60's!

Please keep those emails coming in to


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