Jan 25, 2007
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Man Half Swallowed By Shark Then Spat Out To Receive Counseling For Rejection

Shark Attack Spit

A 32 year-old man who survived being swallowed head first up to his waist by a giant killer shark before being spat out, is to receive counseling for rejection, we have discovered.

An expert in post traumatic shock told this web site:

"He is suffering from a complex combination of survivor guilt and excruciating physical pain around his waist and arms which will later mutate into a deep psychological inadequacy because he might feel he was not tasty enough."

The incident that happened in the sea somewhere, probably around Australia, we weren't really listening that closely when the story was on the television last night, has shocked the world and is believed to be the narrowest escape in shark munching history.

A person who has swam in the waters around Australia emailed us to say:

"Rarely does a shark swallow that much of a human and then give up, it's very strange. It's possible that the guy didn't taste very nice, and knowing that must hurt almost as much as the giant teeth marks around his waist and arms."


In related news: A group of High School students have asked to interview the man as soon as possible to help them in their project on shark tonsils.

The teacher from the school told out reporter:

"Few people have witnessed shark tonsils on a live shark like this fella. His comments would be very valuable."


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