Jan 01, 2007
The home of world comedy spoof entertainment +++ New Year Workout Special

'New You In 2007' - The Unwrapping Candy Workout

Pull and unwrap... feel the finger burn...

Welcome to the first workout in our exclusive 2007 New You fitness and buff bod series.

You can workout in the safe knowledge that all of our workouts are covered by our unique see the results in 10 days or the time you wasted doing the exercise back...

Today's workout is the Unwrapping Candy Workout©™®.

Technique: This workout can be performed either standing up or sitting down. For best results do in the shower.

Take any candy with an individual wrapping and pull firmly outwards until it is open (see the video below for expert technique).

Take two deep breaths and then get another candy and repeat.

Take two deep breaths, get another candy and pull again!!!

For the first day do just 5 repetitions (don't over stretch yourself at first even though this exercise seems easy). Increase the number of repetitions by 5 each day.

This exercise works out the wrists, finger tips, finger-ceps and nails.

Tune in again tomorrow for another exclusive workout to get you into the best shape of your life in 2007...


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