Jan 02, 2007
The home of world comedy spoof entertainment +++ New Year Workout Special

'New You In 2007' - The TV Remote Control Workout

Twist, grab and relax... feel the body burn...

Welcome to the second workout in our exclusive 2007 New You fitness and buff bod series.

Remember that all of our workouts are covered by our unique see the results in just 10 days or get the time you wasted doing the exercise back...

Today's workout is the TV Remote Control Workout©™®.

Yes, now you can use your TV remote control to build a perfect body.


Sit upright on the sofa (not slouched as this doesn't work your abs).

Start with the remote control on the sofa to your left.

Take your right arm, stretch it over to pick up the remote control with your right hand, lift and bring over to your right side.

Let go of the remote control and relax.

Stage Two: Take your left arm and stretch over to the remote control on your right side, pick it up and bring it back to your left side.

Repeat this five times. Each day increase the number of repetitions by 5 a day.

Muscle groups this exercise is good for: Biceps, triceps, upper back, upper abs, fingerceps and back of the hand veins.


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