Jan 30, 2007
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Microsoft Has Released Vista Today. What Do Our Panel Of Experts Think?

Microsoft Latest

Microsoft have just spent $6bn, apparently employed 8,000 people, and the last 5 years developing Windows Vista (and all of its editions).

Was it worth it? We asked out motley panel of experts.

The "Wow" starts how?
Spoof of Microsoft advertising campaign, Vista January 2007

"$6b just to make my computer crash in more creative ways?


Sign me up right away! I'll have the Windows Vista Double Caffenated Ultimate Edition please. Wow me you big brute!"


"I ran out of my house all the way into the shop to buy Windows XP when it first came out because I had Windows Millennium which crashed about 5 times a day. At the time, many of my workmates believed I had come down with a nasty case of Torretts and they even had a collection for me. But it was all Windows Millennium's fault I tell you! Oh, no, the memories! Oh, and Windows 98a, the crashy version, too!! F***, oh, no not again, F***, for heavens sakes I'll need an extra long session of therapy this week.





"I am an early adopter and I like nothing better than to install the very first edition of anything Microsoft has to offer and then go down to the pub and then drink until I am completely legless. I'm probably running Vista now for all I know! Who turned the lights out?"


"Microsoft could have given everyone in the USA $20 instead of wasting $6b on Windows Vista.

I suppose I will have to upgrade. All I ask is that I will be able to click Start to shut the computer down again! If I can't still do that then it's a step too far!"


"I am perfectly happy old sausage with my good old Windows 95, why change now?

Does this mean that Bill Gates is now 'Mister Vista'? Anyone?"

"I was completely against the idea of upgrading to Windows Vista, but now, after seeing the catchy slogan, 'The wow starts now', I'm converted. I'll have the Windows Vista Double Chocolate Chip Edition, if you please! I assume it makes the Coffee too?"



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