Jan 3, 2007
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Man Who Took Saddam Execution Video On His Cell Phone Could Be Next Prime Minister

Malaki Moaning

The man who recorded Saddam Hussein's execution on his cell phone and then leaked it out onto the internet, faces the prospect of becoming Iraq's Prime Minister were he to be convicted, we were told last night.

This comes as news that the current incumbent, Nouri Maliki, says he is fed up with the job after only 4 months, or 8000 deaths.

Why it took Iraqi investigators so long to arrest the guy who took the pictures on his cell phone is unclear, as it must have been pretty obvious who was doing it - it was the person holding his arm out in front of his body and walking up and down the steps, guys.


In other news, Donald Rumsfeld took a relaxing afternoon walk yesterday, and then took drinks by the fire with friends.

Dick Cheney had a couple of leisurely beers and then went shooting his friends.

Confusion surrounded George Bush's activities yesterday. He either played catch the ball with Barney, or catch the Barney with Laura, depending on who you talk to.


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