Jan 9, 2007
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George Bush Still Unable To Place Iraq On Map, In Latest Interview

"It's over there."

An interview to be broadcast tonight asks George Bush to point to where Iraq is on the map.

Here is an exclusive transcript of the testy exchange, with QVC's Raymond Boinebalm:

"Mr President, that's a nice suit you're wearing."

GB, smiling, "Thank you very much. It's really great to be here."

"So, Mr President, do you know where Iraq is on the map?"

GB: "Oh. Uhm. Yes. Of course I do. Why would you ask me such a question?"

"So where is it then, on this map?"

GB: "Uhm. What?"

"On this map, here."

GB: "Oh. Uhm. Yes, of course I can."


GB: "! There."

"Did you just nod your head at this map of the world? Could you point to the place where Iraq is please?"

GB: "Well I can see it all the way over here! Why don't you know where it is? Ha Ha, are you stupid?"

"Where is it then?"

GB: "You don't know? Ha ha. Look, you really think that I would send service personnel into harms way and didn't know, uhm, don't know, where I'm sending them?"

"Uhm, I don't know. Point to Iraq on this map and we'll see."

GB: "I'm offended."

"Sorry, Mr President, it wasn't my intention to offend you."

GB: "Well I am. Really, I am. I can assure you of that. Yes indeed."

"Sorry, again... So you're not going to point then?"

GB: "Of course I know where Iraq is, I don't need to point to it to prove I know where it is."

The interview goes on like this for another 20 minutes.


Following the recording of this interview, a spokesman for the White House told reporters:

"This tirrade of map based abuse was the last thing we expected when we agreed to the interview on the usually supportive QVC Shopping Channel."


The full interview can be seen on the QVC Shopping Channel tonight at 9, during the 5% off all Persian Rugs Hour.

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