Jan 19, 2007
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Pentagon Reveals Donald Rumsfeld Mini-Me

Rumsfeld Rumbled

Our investigations have discovered that Donald Rumsfeld had a clone made of himself, and had installed it in a senior position in the Pentagon just before he resigned.

Donald Rumsfeld and Mini Me
Rare picture of Donald Rumsfeld and his Mini-Me clone during happier times

Management of civilian personnel at the Pentagon quickly moved to redeploy Mini Donald to the stationary department following Rumsfeld's resignation; It was here that this web site came across his existence.

A worker at the Pentagon contacted us to describe an incident involving a stapler requisition form:

Mini Donald was said to have become agitated when confronted with the stationary requisition, and attempted to jump out of his chair to grab the person around the neck after being asked where he kept the staples.

Thankfully, due to his size, Mini Donald fell head-first onto the floor after coming down awkwardly on the table hitting his little knees.

This is not the only violent incident involving Mini Donald on our files, but is the only incident we have so far corroborated.

Our investigations continue into how many other clones are in existence in the Bush White House.

Allegations that Dick Cheney is an actual clone of the original Cheney who died three years into his first term in office persist. A man in a darkened garage told us that the White House chose to not tell anybody about this for security reasons, as the country was at war at the time.

Questions as to why Donald Rumsfeld chose to have a clone 1/8th his size and not a fully sized one is unclear, but it could be something to do with defense cuts at the time.


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