Dec 14, 2006
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Tribute To World's Most Unsuccessful Paparazzo (with pics)

Photographic disaster

John Slazenberger, widely believed in media circles to be the worst paparazzo in the world, has finally killed himself after threatening to do it for 15 years.

Slazenberger had just finished a shoot in New York in which, out of 5580 pictures of Madonna, none of them had the star in the frame.

The following is a tribute to one of the most unsuccessful paparazzo's in media history:

New York sidewalk
New York sidewalk. Madonna is about an inch above the top of this picture
Madonna in car
'Madonna's left ear', or 'Madonna in back seat of car'
Madonna out jogging
Madonna out jogging with friend. Madonna is in green to the left of the jogger in white between the car and the back of the white vehicle in the foreground
Madonna hidden behind car
Madonna has just jogged behind the blue car
Madonna out jogging...
Madonna has just jogged behind the truck, just out of view, to the left of her jogging partner in white



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