Dec 08, 2006
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Debate: Does Boiling Baked Beans Really 'Impair The Flavor'?

Culinary Cooking

Look at the preparation instructions on any can of Baked Beans, and it will say something like:

"Do not boil as this will impair the flavor."

Baked BeansBut is this true? Or is this just an urban myth put about by Baked Bean manufacturers to confuse and mislead? Our panel of experts have their say...

'Baked Beans are good for your heart.
The more you eat the more you fart.

The more you fart the better you feel, so eat Baked Beans for every meal.'

That catchy slogan was actually used in an advertising campaign in Great Britain, unless I am completely mistaken. I love 'em boiled, broiled or stewed, it makes no difference to me player. Word.

Oh, I always boil them at length. I love to see that thick crusty bit on the top when they cool down. Yummy, tummy, here they comey!

Hic. Baked Beans give me the wind like Gawd-blimey. I don't want a fart with this hiccup, thank you very much! There is nothing worse than a hiccup and a fart together. It's like a dietary domino effect. I have once had it so bad I didn't know which way to face!. It was both painful and yet delightfully erotic at the same time. Who put the lights out again?

I have not been able to eat Baked Beans since watching that Mel Brooks classic, Blazing Saddles. Even the smell makes me want to vomit theatrically, retching at length and screaming uurrgghha aaaa iii ggggg rrrrrccc iii ffssss aa, oh I won't go on....
I love just opening a can of Baked Beans and then dipping my spoon straight into the open can! I never cook them. Cooking is for wimps.
Have you noticed that the only difference between the spelling of Naked Beans and Baked Beans is one single letter? I am positively eroticised! I always prepare my Baked Beans to the optimum consistence, not too hot, nor too cold. Boiling is not for me!



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