Nov 12, 2006
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Is George W Bush The Worst President Of the USA Ever? Have Your Say...

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George W Bush is already regarded as the worst president the USA has ever had, but he still has two years to go...

But is he really the worst president ever, or is he just getting a bad press? Let us have your views.


"I knew George during his drinking years and all I can say is thank heavens he stopped drinking. There is only one thing worse than George W Bush the president of the USA, and that is a drunk George W Bush as president of the USA. All I can say is: 'keep off the booze, George, and try not to pick a fight with a country you know nothing about again'."

"I am an evangelical Christian and, to be perfectly honest, dear friend, and I always am honest... oh, can I call you, dear friend, friend? Thank you. Can I place my hand upon your forehead? OK. Oooh warm. OK listen to me now! I believe George W Bush is the greatest president that the USA has had is having and will ever have. And shall I tell you why, dear friend? Halleluiah! Oh Glory days! I see the lig... Oh, is my time up?"

"Speaking as an illegal immigrant whom Mr and Mrs Bush employ on their Texas ranch, I can honestly say that George W Bush is the greatest President of the USA of all time. Who put the lights out?"


"It's such a shame that those Iraqi bastards bombed the Twin Towers and so the president had no option but to invade their country. Imagine no 9-11 and all you are left with is a president who falls off bicycles, trips over his tongue virtually every sentence, and strangles himself on pretzels... oh how fate can be so cruel! But on the positive side, at last we have a woman to sort him out. Go Nancy Go!"

"I think the White House should reveal he is a super hero. George W Bush, accident prone clot of a president of the USA by day, Superman by night."
"I never liked Bush in the first place. I didn't vote for him. I stamped my feet on the ground when I heard he wanted to declare war on Iraq and then got really stroppy when I heard it had all gone so wrong. But what is a good upstanding man in a democracy to do? If I did the decent thing and shot the idiot I'd be a terrorist, and if that happened I would be kicked out of my badminton club."

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