Nov 13, 2006
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Was Announcement Of 'Saddam Guilty' Verdict Timed To Give Bush Boost In Poll?

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The timing of the Saddam Hussein guilty verdict is suspicious, coming as it did on the Sunday before mid-term elections in the USA.

It didn't do Bush much good, but is it acceptable for the Iraqi's to try to help George Bush in this way?

We asked our expert panel to give us their views.


"I am happy to believe that the announcement of the guilty verdict and the news that Saddam Hussein is to be executed, was completely coincidentally done three days before polling day in the USA. Whilst it is true that the announcement could have been made any time in the month before, or after, a timetable is a timetable is a timetable. Next!"

"Oh, for goodness sakes. For all the trouble Iraq has caused George Bush, can't he have any benefit from the invasion?"

"If anything, the announcement of Saddam's guilt was a counterintuitive proclamation and merely enforced the stereotypical media perception of Iraqian desperation, ultimately profoundly exacerbating the anti-Iraq mentality in the USA. The announcement of Saddam's guilty verdict may, indeed, such as it was timed, have been a bad thing for the President, as indeed it proved. One wonders what the result would have been had it been announced that Donald Rumsfeld was to be executed. Alas, we shall never know. Hic."


"My, goodness me! Did they do that? It's a disgrace! I'm so glad I persisted in voting Democrat on my electronic machine which kept bringing up an error message about 20 times before it finally accepted my vote - My Republican friends didn't notice any problems, it must be me and computers! Long live democracy!"

"The last thing we need at this moment is an investigation into the tactics of an election. So what if the Iraqi's timed the verdict to give Bush a boost in the polls? So what? Bush didn't win, and Saddam was a very very very very very very nasty former ally."
"Cock-a-hoop am I that George Bush was defeated in the elections. It is a disgrace that the Saddam guilty verdict was delivered only days before the poll. I am so glad the Republicans were given a bloody nose. Although to be completely honest I am not 100% sure I didn't vote for them by accident on my electronic voting machine. Hey Ho, anyone for Badminton?"

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