Nov 15, 2006
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John Kerry Comedy Career In Doubt After 'I Left It Behind The Bush' Joke Outrage

Kerry Calamity
A popular joke, in which the punch line, 'I left [t]it behind the bush', which normally leads to hysterical laughter, led to screams, shouting, and offers for 'outside' late last night, after John Kerry, Democrat presidential candidate in 2004, once again attempted to do a joke.

There were, later, calls for him to apologize personally to Dick Cheney, whom many commentators believed Kerry to be referring to.

A spokesman for the organizers of the luncheon told our reporter:

"To refer to the Vice President as a tit is absolutely unacceptable, a left tit even worse."

Kerry's attempt at the joke started well, at a well heeled luncheon on Wall Street, Tuesday.

Sympathetic observers claim that Kerry's delivery was impeccable:

A couple are doing yard work and the wife goes to take a shower. Her husband is looking for a rake and can't find it. He yells up to his wife, 'Where's the rake?'

She can't hear: She replies by shaking her head.

So he points to his eye (I), hits his knee (need), then makes raking motions.

She replies by pointing to her eye, points to her left breast, grabs her ass, then points to her crotch.

He runs up stairs and says, 'What?'

She says, 'I left tit behind the bush.'

Following delivery of the final line, amidst reports of some laughter, a number of the brokers stood up and shouted in outrage: "A left tit standing behind Bush?" "You mean Dick Cheney?" "He means the Vice President?" "You left wing bastard!" etc. 5 people were arrested.

A spokesman for John Kerry has confirmed that he is to retire from making jokes for the foreseeable future.

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